USA F12 – Main Draw & Doubles Draw

Location: Loomis, CA, USA
Type: $15K
Surface: Hard


Singles Main Draw:

First Round:

(1)Carsten Ball (AUS) def (WC)Dennis Nevolo (USA) 6-0/6-2
(Q)Justin Diao Natale (USA) def Sunil-Kumar Sipaeya (IND) 6-3/6-3
Jose Statham (NZL) def (Q)Philip Simmonds (USA) 7-6(5)/6-4
G.D. Jones (NZL) def Marcus Fugate (USA) 6-2/6-1 (G.D. Jones replaces Michael Yani)
Cecil Mamiit (PHI) def (WC)Nathaniel Schnugg (USA) 6-3/6-4
(WC)Gregory Ouellette (USA) def (Q)Joel Kielbowicz (USA) 6-4/6-2
(8)Michael Mcclune (USA)
def Luigi D’Agord (ITA) 7-5/6-3
Scott Oudsema (USA) def (Q)Hyung-Kwon Kim (KOR) 6-4/6-1
(4)Ricardo Hocevar (BRA) def Nikita Kryvonos (USA) 6-4/6-2
(6)Lester Cook (USA)
def (Q)Kaes Van’T Hof (USA) 1-6/7-6(2)/6-3
(2)Ryler De Heart (USA)
def (WC)Philip Bester (CAN) 7-6(2)/4-6/6-2

Second Round:

(1)Carsten Ball (AUS) def (Q)Justin Diao Natale (USA) 6-3/6-1
(WC)Gregory Ouellette (USA) def (8)Michael Mcclune (USA) 6-3/6-7(3)/6-3
Scott Oudsema (USA) def (5)Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 6-2/6-4
(6)Lester Cook (USA) def (Q)Sascha Heinemann (GER) 6-1/6-4
(2)Ryler De Heart (USA) def Adriano Biasella (ITA) 7-5/6-1


(3)Victor Estrella (DOM) def (WC)Gregory Ouellette (USA) 6-0/6-2
(4)Ricardo Hocevar (BRA) def Scott Oudsema (USA) 6-3/4-6/6-1
(2)Ryler De Heart (USA) def (6)Lester Cook (USA) 6-2/6-4


(4)Ricardo Hocevar (BRA) def (2)Ryler De Heart (USA) 6-4/6-3

Doubles Main Draw:

First Round:

Bobusic/Jones (AUS) def (1)Oudsema/Simmonds (USA) 6-2/6-7(6)/10-3
Estrella/Hocevar (DOM/BRA) def (WC)Andrews/Roberson (USA) 7-5/6-4
(WC)Schnugg/Van’t Hof (USA) def Flach/Kim (USA/KOR) 6-2/6-2
Kielbowicz/Ruiz-Rosales (USA/MEX) def Lam/Lingman (USA) 6-3/6-3
(4)Jones/King-Turner (NZL) def Fugate/O’Neal (USA) 6-3/6-1
D’Agord/McClune (ITA/USA) def Chanakira/Diao Natale (ZIM/USA) 6-2/6-2
(2)Healey/Statham (AUS/NZL) def (WC)De Heart/Nevolo (USA) 3-6/6-3/10-8


(WC)Schnugg/Van’t Hof (USA) def (3)Danilovic/Weintraub (MNE/ISR) 6-3/4-6/10-8
(4)Jones/King-Turner (NZL) def Kielbowicz/Ruiz-Rosales (USA/MEX) 6-3/6-2
(2)Healey/Statham (AUS/NZL) def D’Agord/McClune (ITA/USA) 6-4/2-6/12-10


Estrella/Hocevar (DOM/BRA) def (WC)Schnugg/Van’t Hof (USA) 6-4/7-5

Information: ATP | ITF


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