San Remo

Location: San Remo, Italy
Type: €30K+H
Surface: Clay
Date: May 12 – 18


Main Draw Singles:

Fisrt Round:

Stefano Galvani (ITA) def Hugo Armando (USA) 4-6/6-4/6-0


Main Draw Doubles:

Fisrt Round:

(1) Levy/Thomas (IRS/USA) def Jorquera/Trujillo-Soler (ITA/ESP) 7-5/5-7/12-10
Armando/Junqueira (USA/ARG) def Buasella/Ianni (ITA) 6-2/6-1

Second Round:

(1) Levy/Thomas (IRS/USA) def Elias/Tavares (POR) 7-6/6-3
Bachinger/Brands (GER) def Armando/Junqueira (USA/ARG) 6-4/7-6


(1) Levy/Thomas (IRS/USA) def Aranguren/Slanar (ARG/AUT) 6-2/4-6/10-5


(1) Levy/Thomas (IRS/USA) vs Bachinger/Brands (GER)

Information: ATP | ITF


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