Tunica Resorts Challenger

Location: Tunica Resorts, Mississippi, USA
Type: $50K
Surface: Indoor Clay
Date: May 5 – 11

QD-S | MD-S | MD-D | OOP

Qualy Main Draw:

First Round:

(WC) Tucker Borster (RSA) def (7) Brian Battistone (USA) 6-4/7-6(6)
(2) Tim Smyczek (USA) vs BYE
(5) Philip Simmonds (USA) def (WC) Bram Ten Berge (NED) 6-3/6-4
(WC) Enzo Artoni (ITA) def (8 ) Dann Battistone (USA) 6-3/6-4
(6) Julio Peralta (CHI) def (WC) Devin Britton (USA) 6-3/6-0

Qualifying Round:

(2) Tim Smyczek (USA) def (5) Philip Simmonds (USA) 6-3/6-3

Main Draw Singles:

First Round:

(1)(WC) Donald Young (USA) def (Q) Cecil Mamiit (PHI) 4-6/6-2/6-3
Scoville Jenkins (USA) def Conor Niland (IRL) 6-3/6-3
(Q) Tim Smyczek (USA) def (WC) Chris Wettengel (USA) 4-6/6-1/7-6
(8 ) Alex Bogomolov Jr.
def Niels Desein (BEL) 6-4/6-2
(4)(WC) Wayne Odesnik (USA) def Alberto Francis (USA) 6-2/6-3
Kj Hippensteel (USA) def (WC) Nikita Kryvonos (USA) 7-6/6-4
(7) Ivan Miranda (PER) def Ryler De Heart (USA) 6-7/7-6/6-3
Carsten Bal (AUT) def Kim Kevin (USA) 6-4/6-7/7-6
Daniel King Turner (NZL) def Lester Cook (USA) 3-6/7-6/6-4
Victor Estrella (DOM) def Michael Mcclune (USA) 6-1/6-3
(3) John Isner (USA) def (Q) Vladimir Obradovic (SRB) 7-6/6-4
(5) Robert Kendrick (USA) def Jesse Witten (USA) 6-3/6-4
Todd Widom (USA)
def Artem Sitak (RUS) 6-3/6-0
Ruben Bemelmans (BEL) def Scott Oudsema (USA) 6-4/6-2
(2) Bobby Reynolds (USA)
def Benedikt Dorsch (GER) 3-6/6-4/6-3

Second Round:

Scoville Jenkins (USA) def (1)(WC) Donald Young (USA) 7-6/6-4
(Q) Tim Smyczek (USA) def (8 ) Alex Bogomolov Jr. 6-3/4-6/6-4
(4)(WC) Wayne Odesnik (USA) def Kj Hippensteel (USA) 6-4/6-3
(3) John Isner (USA) def Victor Estrella (DOM) 6-4/4-6/6-4
Todd Widom (USA) def (5) Robert Kendrick (USA) 7-5/7-6
Ruben Bemelmans (BEL) def (2) Bobby Reynolds (USA) 4-6/6-1/7-6


Scoville Jenkins (USA) def (Q) Tim Smyczek (USA) 6-2/6-0
(7) Ivan Miranda (PER) def (4)(WC) Wayne Odesnik (USA) 6-3/1-6/6-1
(Q) Carsten Ball (AUS) def (3) John Isner (USA) 7-6/6-7/7-6
Ruben Bemelmans (BEL) def Todd Widom (USA) 4-6/6-3/6-4


(7) Ivan Miranda (PER) def Scoville Jenkins (USA) 6-2/3-6/6-3


Main Draw Doubles:

Fist Round:

(1) Oudsema/Reynolds (USA) vs Bye
Isner/Poole (USA) def Estrella/Francis (DOM/USA) 6-2/3-6/10-7
(3) Obradovic/Van Der Merwe (SRB/RSA) def Kryvonos/Sitak (USA/RUS) W.O
Wettengel/Witten (USA) def Kim/Mamiit (USA/PHI) 3-6/6-1/10-5
Battistone/Battistone (USA) def Bemelmans/Desein (BEL) 1-6/7-6/10-4

(4) Ball/Cook (AUS/USA) def Bogomolov JR/Miranda (USA/PER) 2-6/6-1/11-9
De Heart/Widom (USA) def (WC) Evans/Randall (USA) 6-2/6-2

Second Round:

(1) Oudsema/Reynolds (USA) def Isner/Poole (USA) W.O
(3) Obradovic/Van Der Merwe (SRB/RSA) def Wettengel/Witten (USA) 6-2/6-2
Battistone/Battistone (USA) def (4)
Ball/Cook (AUS/USA) 6-4/6-3
De Heart/Widom (USA) def (2) Amritraj/King-Turner (IND/NZL) 7-6/4-6/10-7


Obravic/Van Der Merwe (SRB/RSA) def (1) Oudsema/Reynolds (USA) 6-3/6-4
De Heart/Widom (USA) def Battistone/Battistone (USA) 6-3/6-7/10-6


(3) Obradovic/Van Der Merwe (SRB/RSA) def De Heart/Widom (USA) 7-6(5)/6-4


Information: ATP | ITF


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