Turkey F6 // Antalya

Location: Antalya, Turkey
Type: $10K
Surface: Clay (outdoor) – Red clay

MD-S | MD-D | QS-D | OOP


First Round:

(5) Nicholas Edlefsen (USA) vs bye
(4) Ryan Young (USA) vs bye

Second Round:

(5) Nicholas Edlefsen (USA) def Mario Dierckx (BEL) 6-0/7-5
(4) Ryan Young (USA) def Amar Subasic (BIH) 6-1/6-1

Final Round:

(3) Paris Gemouchidis (GRE) def (5) Nicholas Edlefsen (USA)  6-2/6-2
(4) Ryan Young (USA) def (14) Mike Steinherr (GER) 6-4/6-2


Main Draw Singles:

Fisrt Round:

(1-SE) Marsel Ilhan (TUR) def (LL) Nicholas Edlefsen (USA) 6-2/7-5
Thomas Schoorel (NED) def (Q) Ryan Young (USA) 6-1/6-7/6-2
(4) N. Thompson (USA)
def (Q) Jerome Inzerillo (FRA)  2-6/6-4/6-2

Second Round:

Thomas Schoorel (NED) def (4) N. Thompson (USA) 6-4/6-3


Main Draw Doubles:

First Round:

Akkoyun/Zorlu (TUR) def Edlefsen/Taubert (USA/GER)  6-4/6-3
Young/Thompson (USA) vs BYE

Second Round:

Young/Thompson (USA) def Diercikx/Diercikx (BEL) 6-4/7-5


Ghedin/Kunnap (ITA/EST) def  Young/Thompson (USA) 6-2/6-4


Infotmation: ATP | ITF


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