Bermuda Challenger

Location: Bermuda, Bermuda
Type: $100K+H
Surface: Clay
Date: April 21 – April 27

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Qualy Main Draw:

First Round:

(7)(WC) Eric Butorac (USA) def (WC) Andy Bray (BER) 6-1/6-1
(5) David Martin (USA)
def (WC) Ashley Fisher (AUS) 6-3/6-2
(3) Nikita Kryvonos (USA) vs BYE
(WC) Jim Thomas (USA) def (WC) Gregory Chambaz (SUI) 6-1/2-6/6-2
(4) Scott Lipsky (USA)
vs BYE
(6) James Ludlow (USA) def (WC) James Collieson (BER) 6-4/6-3

Second Round:

(4) Scott Lipsky (USA) def (6) James Ludlow (USA) 6-4/6-2
(3) Nikita Kryvonos (USA) def (WC) Jim Thomas (USA) 6-1/5-7/6-4
(2) Franko Skugor (CRO) def (5) David Martin (USA) 6-4/6-3
(1) Noam Okum (ISR) def (7)(WC) Eric Butorac (USA) 6-3/6-2


Main Draw Singles:

First Round Singles:

(WC) Ernest Gulbis (LAT) def Alex Bogomolov Jr (USA) 6-1/6-0
(4) Donald Young (USA) def (WC) Greg Jones (AUS) 6-2/6-4
Pablo Cuevas (URU) def Robby Ginepri (USA) 6-2/6-2
(Q) Franko Skugor (CRO) def (Q) Scott Lipsky (USA) 6-3/6-3
(5) John Isner (USA) def Paul Capdeville (CHI) 6-2/6-7/6-4
Vincent Spadea (USA)
 def Andreas Haider-Maurer (AUT) 7-6/6-1
(Q) Nikita Krivonos (USA) def (LL) David Martin (USA) 7-6/7-5

Second  Round:

(4) Donald Young (USA) def Pablo Cuevas (URU) 7-5/2-6/7-5
Vincent Spadea (USA)  def (5) John Isner (USA) 6-2/7-6
Carlos Berlocq (ARG) def (Q) Nikita Krivonos (USA) 6-0/6-2


Peter Luczak (AUT) def (4) Donald Young (USA) 6-2/6-2
 Carlos Berlocq (ARG) def Vincent Spadea (USA)  6-4/4-6/6-4


Main Draw Doubles:

First Round:

Capdeville/Ginepri (CHI/USA) def (1) Lipsky/Martin (USA) 6-7/7-6/11-9
(WC) Jones/D. Young (AUS/USA)  def Amritraj/Sela (IND/ISR) 6-1/6-2
(4) Levy/Thomas (ISR/USA) def (WC) Arnold/Hood (ARG) 3-6/6-4/10-7
Kryvonos/Vacek (USA/CZE) def (WC) Bray/Collieson (BER) 6-2/6-0
Hartfield/Rojer (ARG/AHO) def (2) Butorac/Fisher (USA/AUS) 7-6/6-4

Second Round:

Hartfield/Rojer (ARG/AHO)  def Kryvonos/Vacek (USA/CZE) 6-3/7-5
(4) Levy/Thomas (ISR/USA) def Koellerer/Okun (AUT/ISR) 6-3/7-5

(WC) Jones/D. Young (AUS/USA) def Capdeville/Ginepri (CHI/USA) 6-3/6-3


(4) Levy/Thomas (ISR/USA) def (WC) Jones/D. Young (AUS/USA) 6-7/6-3/10-7


  • Photos: – Qualy

Eric Butorac James Ludlow Nikita KryvonosScott LipskyJames Ludlow David MartinJim ThomasAmer DelicRyan Harrison Donald YoungDonald YoungJohn Isner

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One Response to Bermuda Challenger

  1. jhoni22 says:

    Hola amigos, muy bueno el blog, van al blogrroll.
    Mañana Berlocq def Spadea en dos sets.


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