Mexico City // Warburg made the finals

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Type: $35K+H
Surface: Outdoor Hard
Date: April 14 – April 20

MD-S | MD-D | QD-S | OOP

Qualy Main Draw:

First Round:

James Ludlow (USA) def Juan Carlo Gerard Acuna (MEX) 6-1/6-1
(3) Nima Roshan (USA) vs Bye
Mustafa Ghouse (IND) def Ikaika Jobe (USA) 6-3/6-2
Alejandro Medinilla (MEX) def George Barth (USA) 7-6/6-1
Pedri Ast (MEX) def Geoff Gehrke (USA) 6-0/6-2

Second Round:

Victor Romero (MEX) def James Ludlow (USA) 6-3/6-2
(3) Nima Roshan (USA) def Mustafa Ghouse (IND) 6-4/3-6/6-3

Qualy Final:

(3) Nima Roshan (USA) def Nei Bamford (GER) 4-6/6-3/6-2

Main Draw Singles:

First Round:

(1) Sam Warburg (USA) def (WC) Daniel Garza (MEX) 6-0/5-7/6-3
Nochilas Monroe (USA) def Nathan Healey (AUS) 6-7/6-4/6-2
Alberto Francis (USA)
def (8 ) Ryler De Herat (USA) 6-4/7-6
Roman Borvanov (USA) def (Q) Jean-Jullien Rojer (AHO) 6-2/6-4
Travis Rettenmaier (USA) def (WC) Devin Britton (USA) 6-2/6-3
Michael Yani (USA) def Carsten Ball (AUS) 7-5/6-7/6-3
Lester Cook (USA) vs Ludovic Walter (FRA) 6-0/6-2

Second Round:

(1) Sam Warburg (USA) def Nochilas Monroe (USA) 6-4/7-5
Alberto Francis (USA) def Manuel Sanchez (MEX) 6-2/5-7/7-6(3)
George Bastl (SUI) def Roman Borvanov (USA) 6-4/6-4
Travis Rettenmaier (USA) def Antonio Ruiz-Rosales (USA) 6-2/6-0
Bruno Echagay def Michael Yani (USA) 6-1/7-6/6-3
Robert Smeets (AUS) def Lester Cook (USA) 6-1/6-3


(1) Sam Warburg (USA) def Alberto Francis (USA) 4-6/6-4/6-4
George Bastl (SUI) def Travis Rettenmaier (USA) 6-4/6-3


(1) Sam Warburg (USA) def George Bastl (SUI) 6-2/1-6/6-2


(6) Dawid Olejniczak (POL) def (1) Sam Warburg (USA) 6-4/6-3

Main Draw Doubles:

First Round:

(4) Bloomfield/Skupski (GBR) def Francis/Monroe (USA) 6-7/7-6/10-8
(WC) Romero/Ruiz-Rosales (MEX) def De heart/Satschko (USA/GER) W.O
Olejniczak/Panfil (POL) def (3) Healey/Warburg (AUS/USA) 6-2/4-6/10-9


One Response to Mexico City // Warburg made the finals

  1. Casey says:

    Curious on a Player named Nima Roshan.
    He seems to do exceptionally well against players that are ranked much better than him. He lost his first main draw singles match to a player 260 i n the world. Nima is ranked 637. He went three sets and lost, but it wasn’t a shut out.
    He seems to be a good up and coming player.

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