Humacao Challenger

Location: Humacao, Puerto Rico
Type: $50K
Superficie: Outdoor Hard
Date: April 7 – April 13

MD-S | MD-D  | QD-S | OOP | Live Score


First Round:

Jim Thomas (USA) vs Bye
Justin O’Neal (USA) vs Bye

Second Round:

G. Bastl (SUI) def Jim Thomas (USA) 6-0/6-1
Justin O’Neal (USA)
def M. Ghouse (IND) 6-4/6-1

Qualy Final Round:

G. Bastl (SUI) def Justin O’Neal (USA) 3-6/6-3/7-5


Main Draw Singles:

First Round:

M. Fischer (AUT) def Alex Kuznetsov (USA) 6-2/6-7/6-3
(WC) Tim Smyczek (USA)
def (WC) Lester Cook (USA) (4)6-7/6-4/6-1
Andis Juska (LAT) def (wc) Alberto Francis (USA) 6-3/7-6
Robert Kendrick (USA) def Roberts Smeets (AUS) 3-6/6-0/6-4
Brandan Evans (USA)
def Scoville Jenkins (USA) 7-6/6-3
Jesse Witten (USA) 
def Alex Bogomolov JR. (USA) 6-4/3-6/5-3 RET
(4) Amer Delic (USA) def Bjorn Rehnquist (SWE) 6-3/7-5
(6) Igot Kunitsyn (RUS) def  Rajeen Ram (USA) 7-6/6-1
Kevin Kim (USA)
def (Q) Phillip Oswald (AUT) 7-6/2-6/6-3
Alex Bogdanovic (GBR) def (2) Bobby Reynolds (USA) 6-3/6-3

Second Round:

(WC) Tim Smyczek (USA) def Ricardas Berankis (LTU) 2-6/7-5/6-3
Robert Kendrick (USA) def Andis Juska (LAT) 2-6/6-4/7-6
(7)Giles Muller (LUX) def Brandan Evans (USA) 6-3/7-6
(4) Amer Delic (USA) 
def Jesse Witten (USA) 6-1/7-6
Kevin Kim (USA)
 def Alex Bogdanovic (GBR)


 (WC) Tim Smyczek (USA) def Martin Fischer (AUT) 6-3/6-0
Ivan Miranda (PER) def Robert Kendrick (USA) 6-4/6-7/6-3
(7) Giles Muller (LUX) def (4) Amer Delic (USA)  7-6/7-6
Thiago Alves (BRA)  def Kevin Kim (USA) 7-6/6-0


 (WC) Tim Smyczek (USA) vs Ivan Miranda (PER)  7-5/3-6/7-6


Main Draw Doubles:

(1) Fischer/Butorac (AUT/USA) def (Q) Eichenberger/Martin (SUI/FRA) 6-4/6-4
(3) Ram/Reynolds (USA)
def Bodvanovic/Ghouse (GBR/IND) 7-6/6-1
Bogomolov JR/Kendrick (USA)
def Alvez/Torres (BRA) 4-6/7-5/10-5
Delic/witten (USA)
def (4) Evans/Kusnersov (USA) 2-6/7-5/10-6
(WC) Cook/Kim (USA) def Becker/Dorsch (GER) 7-5/2-6/10-8
(WC) Fischer/Oswald (AUT) def (LL) Battistone/Battistone (USA) 6-3/7-5
(2) Haggard/Thomas (RSA/USA)
def (wc) Francis/Smyczek (USA)


(1) Fischer/Butorac (AUT/USA) def Okun/Smeets (IRS/AUS) 6-2/7-6
(3) Ram/Reynolds (USA) vs  (LL) Battistone/Battistone (USA)
Bogomolov JR/Kendrick (USA) def Delic/witten (USA) 2-6/6-1/10-1
(WC) Cook/Kim (USA)
def (2) Haggard/Thomas (RSA/USA) 7-6/6-3/10-7


 (3) Ram/Reynolds def (1) Fischer/Butorac (AUT/USA) 6-7/6-2/11-9
(WC) Cook/Kim (USA) def Bogomolov JR/Kendrick (USA) 7-6/6-4


 (3) Ram/Reynolds vs (WC) Cook/Kim (USA) 


 Information: ATP | ITF


One Response to Humacao Challenger

  1. Luciano says:

    Alex is having a bad year!!

    Good luck Todero in this tournament!!

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